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Range of services offered


  • Planning and technical support, including the drawing and rendering documents in addition to land-use permission documents

    Planning and technical support

    Planning and technical support

    We ensure the pre-planning and design work, especially for private network customers. A part of this work is an elaboration of the optimal solution, including price quotations.

    Design work always includes Land-use permission and as built inspection.

  • Trenching and optical cables placement

    Trenching and optical cable placement

    Trenching and optical cable placement
    • During the new optical route construction we provide trenching and HDPE subduct placement for optical cables, HDPE subduct pulling into existing underground facilities as well as self supported aerial optical cables and ducts.
    • Further we provide river and creek crossings and final asphalt surface arrangement.
    • When installation is completed, we obtain the acceptance documents from all landowners.
  • HDPE duct freeway inspection and pressure testing

    HDPE ducts freeway inspection and pressure testing

    HDPE duct freeway inspection and pressure testing
    • Prior to optical cable installation itself, freeway and pressure inspection is essential.
    • Freeway inspection can be done by an electronic transmitter.
    • The electronic transmitter is blown through the HDPE using an airflow.
    • Trouble points that can occur during placement or backfilling are located and repaired as necessary.
  • Cartographic positioning of routes and make-out of as built cable book
  • Civil works and building and structural modifications
  • Optical cable splicing

    Optical cable splicing

    Optical cable splicing
    • The splice itself is protected by mechanical 40 or 60mm tube splice protectors.
    • In rural areas, underground chambers are used for the placement and protection of optical closures.
    • Fibers can be spliced mechanically or with fusion machines.
    • Fusion machines automatically align core to core in "X" and "Y" axes, makes splices and provide loss estimation.
    • These are marked with underground 3M markers for easier future localization.
    • Fibers can be terminated with pre-fabricated pigtails or directly with various optical connectors.
  • Otical cable blowing into HDPE ducts
  • Blowing of second optical cable into already occupied HDPE ducts

    Blowing of the second optical cable

    Blowing of the second optical cable
    • For the increasing demand of the number of fibers we offer an effective use of existing HDPE duct, already occupied by one optical cable. For such a network configuration, where an additional trenching and duct placement is very costly, we offer blowing of second optical cable into HDPE sub-duct already occupied by the existing one. For that process a Y shaped adapter is used. When installation is completed the subduct opening is closed by repair duct.
    • It is difficult to mathematically calculate the blowable distance of a second cable, however the field experience shows that distance is about 50% of common distance.
    • Blow a third cable is still not possible.
  • Testing and values analysis according to specification of TA 117 SPT Telecom

    Testing and values analysis

    Testing and values analysis

    Our testing services include:

    • Attenuation testing LED, LD at 850, 1310 and 1550 nm
    • OTDR testing both SM and MM at 850, 1310, 1550, 1625 nm
    • Loss evaluation in each splice point along the route from both sides at 850, 1310, 1550, 1625 nm, dynamic range up to 45 dB
    • OTDR expert testing at 1625 nm
    • PMD testing (Pulse Mode Dispersion)
    • Specific loss in each section dB/km Return loss
  • Transmission systems installation

    Transmission systems installation

    • HDSL transmission systems 1st order - ALCATEL, ORCKIT
    • HDSL transmission systems 2nd and 3rd order - ALCATEL
    • HDSL transmission systems 4th order - ALCATEL USY
    • PCM transmission systems MARCONI PCMX, SPMX, PCM30U, DSP
    • ISDN exchange lines
    • Analog extension lines
    • Digital extension lines
    • UPS power supply
    • Public exchanges
    • Structured cabeling
  • UPS Power sources installation
  • Low Voltage works and revision
  • Optical cables and both passive and active components supply

    Provisioning optical cables and components

    We supply the entire range of fiber optic components to meet your specific needs including:

    • Optical cables SM, MM for in/outdoor application
    • Low smoke zero halogen LSZH optical cables
    • Cabinets, closures, connectors, adapters, patchcords, etc
    • 19" racks
    • UPS Power Supply
    • Cable grids
    • Microduct system DuraFlat
    optical cablesoptical cable connectors

Communications and security systems

  • Structured cabling, PC networks, IT - VOLITION™, Schrack, Molex
  • Low Voltage installation up to 1000 V, revision
  • Electronic Security Systems
  • Industrial applications of CCTV systems


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